The New One Minute Manager

The New One Minute Manager

Book: The New One Minute Manager
Authors: Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson
Interesting Facts: First published in 1982 as “The One Minute Manager”
Amazon link: The New One Minute Manager
I borrowed this book from our library using Libby app on my iPad.

Interestingly, the original book, The One Minute Manager, was published 30 years ago!  In my opinion authors had made a good effort in updating the original book with more relevant examples and discussions applicable to today’s workplace challenges in leadership and management styles.

This book not only discuss about the different management styles and manger’s perspective but also teaches on how to apply them at work or in personal life.

The main concept of leadership and management revolves around 3 important aspects, very simple to understand and very simple to implement. I don’t want to spill all the beans, but I can guarantee that it is worth reading, at least once!

This book also teaches how to lead a team and how important it is to empower the team members so that they can analyze any problem and come up with solutions. The focus is on the manager’s perspective but as the chapters go by we start realizing the fact that why it is important to manage ourselves first, look forward for opportunities to grow and experience happiness at work.

Yes! You read it right, how to experience happiness at work! I highly recommend this book whether you are currently in a leadership role or looking forward for a leadership role in the future.

Apart from the book, I do recommend 2 apps (OverDrive & Libby) using which you can borrow books (electronic /audio) from your local library with your library card. Most public libraries in the US offer this service for free. The best part of using these apps, books are automatically returned after the borrowing period and no late fines!