Think outside The PASS Summit 2019

Think outside The PASS Summit 2019

Well, you have made it to the summit! Congrats!

Whether you are a First Timer or PASS Veteran you will definitely face the Information Overload scenario. Apart from great coverage on a variety of topics, lots of fun stuff going on at the same time across different locations at Washington State Convention Center, here are a few ways I would like to share to handle all of the Information Overload?

Well, it is true that you can’t attend every topic covered in this summit with sessions spread across days and different locations. This is where the PASS App comes in handy. Please download it and build your own pathway. Learning Path feature does help a lot but you can be smarter too.

Apart from highly promoted Networking and meeting new people some times it is also refreshing to step out of the Convention Center and explore few places within walking distance.

Think outside The PASS Summit 2019!

Yes, there are some great to do’s you may like to try out outside the Convention Center that would cover the 3 R’s as I like to think of them Refresh, Recharge, Refocus.

I’ve put together a quick article with a few pictures that will inspire you to do the same. Most of these places are a few blocks away from where you stand or in distances of a maximum of 0.5 miles, walking up-town or towards Pike Place Market.

Information Booth At Pike Place Market.

He is happy and ready to help!

This is at the Pike Place Market Information booth, 0.5 miles from Convention Center.

I appreciated his patience while he gave me a few tips on how to navigate to and through the Pike Place Arear.

Stop by at this place if you are short on time and trying to get back to the convention center as quickly as possible.


Maybe stop by at the Gum Wall and take a selfie or add your favorite gum (after chewing, this would be your one chance you are exempt from and pardoned for sticking a piece of gum on a wall) to the wall and be part of the Gum Wall forever.

Gum Wall at Pike Place

Walls and poles all around Seattle are decorated with posters An interesting artwork display if you may.

Grab a cup of coffee at Starbucks. Long lines and small place though, just keep in mind. Starbuck Place at Pike Place Market.

If you are looking for a quick workout or trying to increase your step count, walk all the way from Pike Place to Sheraton Hotel (few blocks) and you would notice a long staircase going down, and you’ve got in a few extra steps if you are an over-enthusiast like I am in exploring new places and getting those few extra steps in as well.

I think I counted 120 stairs altogether and this will take you to The Seattle Great Wheel and you will catch an interesting view during the Sunset and beautiful view of the mountains, a view from a distance yet wonderful.

The Seattle Great Wheel

If you walk up-town for a half-mile, you would see a nice Icecream Shop called Salt & Straw. I’m sure their menu is up-to-date with some interesting Thanksgiving Themed Flavors. Try Spiced Goat Cheese & Pumpkin Pie if you are feeling adventurous.

I will add more pictures and notes in the coming days and whenever I can grab an opportunity to “Think Outside The PASS Summit”