Winter visit to Banff National Park in the Canadian Rockies

Winter visit to Banff National Park in the Canadian Rockies

This year I had the opportunity to visit Lake Louise in Banff National Park twice and interestingly during winter season.

In my personal experience, Lake Louise looks completely different during winter with backdrop of mountains, covered with snow. A frozen lake offers different adventures for sure also offers opportunities for photography.

Interestingly iPhone XR seems to handle the freezing temperatures (-15C at the Lake) very well but DSLR lens or Osmo Mobile (Pocket) do experience some level of operating issues.

Here are few pictures of Lake Louise taken from iPhone XR.

Lake Louise at Banff National Park during November (not fully frozen)
Drive to Lake Louise during December
Lake Louise – Frozen and Beautiful
Lake Louise with backdrop of mountains – At -15C temperature everything is frozen!

Apart from the Lake Louise there is also a small town called Town Of Banff, beautiful place, full of shops and visiting information center.

Banff Visitor Center

Drive to Lake Louise from Calgary, Alberta is scenic and surround mountains and beautiful pine tress makes it even more picturesque. Never tried but Dog Sledding seems to be popular at Canmore, a place close to Banff National Park. Now that I have a good idea on how Banff National Park and Lake Louise looks like in winter my next visit is during Spring or Summer.