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To share my knowledge and experience on a variety of topics include design, build, support, analyze data for business intelligence, machine learning, data science concepts, and code experiments.

With 25+ years of experience in designing, building and supporting enterprise data systems using various tools and technologies in a variety of roles as Solution Architect, Data Architect, Data Analyst, Mentor, Faculty and Analysts Programmer.

Long road trips take me to unknown places, interest in photography brings me peace and my little family makes me appreciate this wonderful journey called life.

I am also a big fan of Microsoft Tools & Technologies, SQL Server and Visual Studio. As a member of Microsoft Partner Network allows me to get my hands on beta versions and some of my articles are based on the beta, CTP and release versions.

My interests include Cross-Platform Mobile App development using C# for iOS and Android, exploring Cloud Technologies, STEM teaching for Middle and High School Students, Photography, Fun Projects using Raspberry Pie, DIY projects at home and Travel.

My mobile app experiments and games are published on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

On my blog, you will notice articles on Business Intelligence, Data, SQL Server, C#, T-SQL, Data Warehouse, Cloud, Data Modeling, Data Science, Solution Architecture, Data Modeling, Code experiments, and Photo Albums.  

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Business Intelligence Architect | Data Warehouse Expert
Faculty | Community Volunteer | Photographer.